Quarantine Fun

Just checking on every one to see how and what they are doing…. for me I am learning a new sewing/embroidery machine for me. Have you heard of the Viking Husqvarna Epic? I know there is an Epic2 but I am spending some time everyday getting to know this cool machine by reading manuals, doing online tests and soon I’ll be sewing some fun projects.

Did you know that I love sewing machines? My favorite is the top of the line sewing/embroidery ones. I 💖 all the computer parts and screens plus sewing out very cool embroidery projects.
I am working on a new cork project with embroidery on it. Stay tune!
#vikinghusqvarna #epic #sewing #terisuniquestitchingllc #theelectricneedle

Viking Husqvarna Epic

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