Freelance Costume Stitcher, Alterations, Custom Dressmaking, Cosplay Costumes, General Sewing, Sewing Instruction and Sewing Consultant.

Hi, my name is Teri and I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old. Over 50+ years! Phew.

Sewing isn’t just my passion, it’s helped me reinvent myself countless times over.

Growing up in a family with 6 kids, we often didn’t have leftover money to buy new clothes. Most of my wardrobe was either hand-me-downs or bought at the local thrift store. I knew that new, in-style clothes weren’t in the budget, so I took matters (or my wardrobe) into my own hands and taught myself to sew. I devoured sewing and serging books, as well as watched every sewing TV show I could in order to advance my skills. In no time at all, I was hooked on sewing anything that was difficult and creative.

Many years later, when my children were young and we lived in Texas, I started training and working for a friend who had a pattern company called Dos De Tejas. There, I learned how to write pattern instructions, grade patterns, and make samples. That time of my life helped me reinvent myself from a stay-at-home mom to a more accomplished sewer.

Fast forward to present day. After raising a family and working in IT for 13 years in a job that I enjoyed but nearly killed me from the stress, I decided to give it up and go back to my roots: sewing.

I moved to the Midwest and took a job sewing and altering costumes for the performers at a local theater company. There, a wonderful designer recognized my skills and asked if I would be interested in sewing for Disney On Ice. Yes, I was! While working on Disney On Ice shows, I got asked to work for The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. These contract jobs with Feld Entertainment led to more sewing gigs for Sesame Street Live, Marvel Universe Live, Cirque du Soleil, New York City Ballet, and Broadway . Through this work, I met many talented costume designers, tailors, and drapers and got to venture into some of the most amazing costumes shops in the US.

Being around such creative people influenced me to create several dreams for myself professionally. Thus far, I have traveled to China, Poland, and Andorra for sewing costumes, I worked in one of the most renowned costumes shops in NYC sewing costumes for Broadway, and I’ve done two concerts, a music video a made for TV Movie for Madonna. I still have a dream to do a movie one day.

Now I split my time working at a nearby sewing store teaching private lessons and classes, running this business, and as a tailor for Mio Design NYC. It’s my goal to pass on my knowledge and skills to others who have an interest in sewing. To take the fear out of starting to sew, making a mistake, or feeling stuck. My desire is for you to love sewing and feel the accomplishment of your finished item.

I believe sewing can be a hobby, passion, dream, and wonderful way to reinvent yourself.

With joy,



Email teri@terisuniquestitching.com for more information.